Senators Debate Themselves

Remember the Democrat rush to push through the last 1,000 page bill called the Affordable Care Act, the one about which Nancy Pelosi famously said “we have to pass it to see what’s in it”?

Senators Flake and McCain made strong arguements about why large bills should not be rushed, and that American citizens as well as Senators should have the time necessary to read the proposed law.

Well, they just threw those intelligent remarks out the window, rushing to cram the amnesty bill down our throats before anyone has a chance to read and understand it, especially after an ammendment that adds 200 pages of crony capitalism, special interest pay-offs and additional loopholes to every “enforcement measure”.  I’m sure Americans won’t be very happy about the Senate giving Janet Napolitano or whoever replaces her the ability to nix the fence, the fines, the eligibility requirements for amnesty, etc.

But let’s just take a look back at when these two Senators still had a grasp on intelligent processes…


FLAKE: “The case for passing legislation we don’t understand is that we are correcting legislation we didn’t read. We keep hearing that we’ve got to do this because our constituents are demanding it–that they want to see these executives tarred and feathered. Now George Washington once said, “If to please the people, we do what we ourselves disprove how do we later defend our work? That’s the position we are in today. ”

“This is a representative democracy. Our constituents may not understand that this is a bill of attainder, but we know that. We are the representatives of the people and we know that and it’s our duty to uphold the Constitution. Now I don’t like the fact that these executives got those bonuses. And we should find a way constitutionally to deal with this issue, but rushing to pass a bill we don’t understand to–to correct a bill we didn’t read is not the solution hear today. Let’s reject this proposal.”



MCCAIN: “Wouldn’t it be nice if every American citizen that wanted to could go online and read the legislation and give us their ideas and thoughts as to how we could make it better?”

“The text should be online so every American, not just the hundred of us who were fortunate enough to be here but every American should have the right to know what a fundamental reform of healthcare in America  is all about.”