Amnesty Sellout

As a member of the treasonous Gang of Eight with his mentor and fellow liberal RINO John McCain, Jeff Flake voted to give amnesty, taxpayer-funded benefits and citizenship to illegal aliens who invaded the country and committed numerous crimes.  Senator Flake’s bill even gave amnesty to illegals who had committed identity fraud, identity theft, and used stolen social security numbers on multiple occasions… crimes that would land actual US citizens in jail!

Instead of prosecuting illegal aliens for their crimes Jeff Flake wanted to reward them with amnesty and benefits!  In the Judiciary Committee, Senator Flake voted to grant illegal aliens instant access to state and federal welfare benefits funded by taxpaying citizens, by voting against a measure introduced by Senator Cruz to specifically block such access.

Despite the fact the Congressional Budget Office clearly stated that his amnesty bill would suppress wages for American citizens for 10 years or more, Jeff Flake pushed the Senate to approve his disastrous amnesty for illegals.  Flake did not care that Americans would lose jobs and receive lower pay as a direct result of the amnesty bill he helped write.

Jeff Flake received numerous campaign contributions from corporations that would rake in higher profits at the expense of American workers if his amnesty bill passed. Senator Flake’s priorities were clear- Jeff was representing illegal aliens and huge corporations rather than the US citizens of Arizona.

Thankfully, conservatives in the House of Representatives refused to even consider Flake’s horrible amnesty bill.  They saw it would give illegals amnesty immediately, with nothing but empty promises of border security years down the road.  The Fence Act of 2006 passed over a decade ago, yet only 36 miles of the 700 miles of double-layer fence it required across the border have been built! Democrats defunded it, just like they defunded the border security promised and required by the Reagan amnesty 30 years ago.

In the biggest sellout of all, Jeff Flake didn’t oppose Obama’s unconstitutional executive order that would have granted 5 million illegal aliens legal status, benefits paid for by taxpayers, and work permits.  Jeff Flake voted to fund Obama’s plan completely!  On 02/25/2015, Jeff Flake voted to move forward a bill to fully fund and support Obamas unconstitutional amnesty, provide tax refunds to illegal aliens at citizens expense, provide work permits to illegal aliens at citizens expense, and give Obama unfettered executive power.

Call 202-224-4521 and demand to know why he betrayed American Citizens and instead supported Obamas UNCONSTITUTIONAL amnesty for foreign national invaders (aka Illegal Aliens).   You don’t welcome burglars as houseguests, yet that is exactly what Jeff Flake and his fellow liberal Barack Hussein Obama were attempting – to reward illegal aliens for their crimes!