Wants Open Borders

Flake opposed Proposition 200, an Arizona ballot initiative that required proof of U.S. citizenship before voting or collecting certain government benefits. The referendum passed with 56 percent of the vote, including 47 percent of Hispanics.  Flake wanted to give illegal aliens the ability to vote and suck down taxpayer-funded benefits!

He seems to want a borderless country overrun by illegal aliens, who drive down wages for American citizens, and flood our schools, emergency rooms and prisons to the point they are almost overwhelmed!

Jeff Flake voted against an amendment in 2013 that would require an electronic border entry and exit system like the one the 9/11 Commission recommended for national security before any foreign nationals that invaded the country received citizenship or any other change in immigration status.  Flake said no, we need to reward illegals before we secure the borders!

Senator Flake voted against another amendment in 2013 that said illegal alien applications for legal status could not be approved until at least 350 miles of the fencing required by a 2006 law were built and that citizenship could not be granted until 700 miles were completed.  Flake voted against building the fence that an existing law from 2006 already requires the federal government to build!

In that same amendment Flake voted against e-verify, a system that ensures only those authorized to work in the United States are able to be employed!