Jeff Flake Won’t be Reelected

Jeff Flake is even more despised than John “Poster Child for Term Limits” McCain, the 80 year old RINO media whore who attacks conservatives and trolls for war every chance he gets.  That’s right, according to a poll of voters, Jeff Flake has an embarrassing 27% Approval & 47% Disapproval rating.

Flake is one of the most disrespected and disliked Senators for a reason.  He’s a national embarrassment, as well as a threat to Arizona’s security and economy.  According to Roll Call, Senator Flake is also struggling to raise any money, and is the least likely Senator to be reelected.  This should surprise exactly no one, as Jeff Flake is a traitor to conservative values, but not liberal enough for the Obama progressives he so regularly supports in Senate votes.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jeff Flake has vocally criticized his party’s freshly elected president, raised little money, and backed a moderate approach to an immigration overhaul. 

In other words, the first-term senator from Arizona has all but begged a Donald Trump-like Republican to run against him. Now, his friends and allies fear that’s exactly what will happen — with no guarantee that the incumbent lawmaker will win. 

And by “moderate approach to an immigration overhaul” they are referring to Flake’s disastrous amnesty bill that was shot down by the House of Representatives.