Senator Jeffrey Flake is a terrible disappointment to Arizona voters on an almost daily basis.

Flake is so liberal as to be a Republican in Name Only (RINO), supporting amnesty and taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens, decreased wages for citizens and law-abiding immigrants, and the sale of your private internet browsing history by ISP providers to the highest bidder.  Senator Flake consistently voted to confirm radical progressive Obama appointees such as Loretta Lynch,  then opposed the Republican presidential nominee in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Even so, Jeff Flake disappoints democrats by failing to celebrate Obamacare and all its prohibitive cost increases to the public.  Senator Flake’s fellow progressives berated Jeff for 2 hours & attempted to shame him in a town hall on 04/13/17 for not being a complete traitor to every single Republican priority.  Read more about that here.

In other words, Jeff resembles his name and flakes out on both parties, voting in the best interests of his corporate sponsors and campaign donors rather than those he was elected to represent.

Jeff Flake is the worst possible man to represent Arizona as a Senator.