Senator Flake is Failing Arizona!

  • Senator Jeff Flake is not representing Arizona voters, conservatives, or American citizens, even though he is our employee and ran under the Republican ticket.
  • Jeff Flake is voting as if he were employed by foreign nationals who have invaded the USA, aka illegal aliens, rather than United States citizens of Arizona.
  • Jeff is showing us his true colors- he is as blue as they come, a RINO, a Liberal Democrat in everything but official party designation.


Cosponsoring a bill to triple the number of temporary foreign guest workers allowed into the U.S. on H1-B visas each year (from 65,000 to 195,000), while also allowing the visa holders to bring in family members to take additional jobs from Americans, soon to be unemployed Jeff “I hate Americans” Flake proved once again this year that he supports illegal alien invaders and multinational corporations’ profit margins over the welfare of US citizens.

Here is the link to his sponsorship of this betrayal.  Here is a link to an article about the I-Squared bill.  Incidentally, Oracle just laid off more Americans to replace them with foreigners at lower wages, and Microsoft also just announced ANOTHER massive layoff of Americans to be replaced by H1-B visa foreigners.

Thank liberal illegal-loving and American worker hating Jeff Flake for continuing to decimate United States laborers and their wages. Fire the asshole!


On 02/25/2015, Jeff Flake voted to move forward a bill to fully fund and support Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty, provide tax refunds to illegal aliens at citizens’ expense, provide work permits to illegal aliens at citizens’ expense, and give Obama unfettered executive power.

Call 202-224-4521 and demand to know why he betrayed American Citizens and instead supported Obama’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL amnesty for foreign national invaders (aka Illegal Aliens).   You don’t welcome burglars as houseguests, yet that is exactly what Flake and Obama are doing- rewarding the illegals for their crimes!


As if that betrayal wasn’t bad enough, Jeff voted on 02/26/2015 to confirm Die-Hard liberal Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, even after she proclaimed she would continue Holder’s criminal behaviors AND fully support Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program, a program that will decimate American citizens’ wages for the next decade while simultaneously rewarding illegal aliens for invading the USA.

Why does Jeff Flake hate law-abiding American citizens?  Ask him!  Call 202-224-4521 today!


Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona has consistently proven with his voting record that he does not represent Arizona constituents or even American citizens, but instead votes in direct opposition to Conservative and Republican interests.  Mr Flake voted to reward criminal foreign national illegal aliens with legal status before even attempting to secure our sovereign borders.  In the Judiciary Committee, Jeff voted against meaningful E-verify enforcement, and Flake even voted to grant illegal aliens instant access to state and federal welfare benefits which are funded by taxpaying citizens by voting against a measure introduced by Senator Cruz to specifically block such access.

Jeff Flake sponsored immigration reform bill S.744 which abdicates Congressional authority to the Secretary of DHS, provides a waiver or exception for virtually every enforcement measure, delays enforcement for years, and requires no triggers nor verifiable security on our sovereign borders and ports of entry.  Mr Flake’s votes display an utter disdain for the rule of law, national security, and the welfare of taxpaying citizens.


Arizona Constitution Article 8, Section 1.
“Every public officer in the state of Arizona, holding an elective office, either by election or appointment, is subject to recall from such office by the qualified electors of the electoral district from which candidates are elected to such office. Such electoral district may include the whole state. Such number of said electors as shall equal twenty-five per centum of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all of the candidates for the office held by such officer, may by petition, which shall be known as a recall petition, demand his recall.”


Senators John McCain and his brown-nosing and equally corrupt protege Jeff Flake are the most despised Senators in America!  That’s right, in the most recent poll of voters, the results are:

John McCain has a pitiful 30% Approval  & 55% Disapproval rating.

Jeff Flake has an embarrassing 27% Approval & 47% Disapproval rating.

These two RINO traitors are the most disrespected and disliked Senators for a reason.  They are a national embarrassment, as well as a threat to Arizona’s security
and economy.


Fire liberal Democrat Jeff Flake!

Send the worthless scumbag to the unemployment line.